Jog Limited

What do you need to do?

  • How can we refresh our approach for each event without losing brand integrity?
  • How do we develop a strong brand for our publication that’s also flexible enough to reflect a wide range of content?
  • People don’t know we’re different until they’ve worked with us. They need to know this upfront.
  • How do we ensure our mailers entice people and avoid being thrown in the bin?
  • Our brand communicates only our process. We need it to reflect our vision.
  • Our brand needs to be more enchanting and memorable.
  • How do we get the attention and respect of a jaded audience?
  • We work in a very non-visual industry. How can our branding tell the story of what we do in a way that is visual and memorable, but totally appropriate?
  • Our product story has many levels and is complex. We need to communicate this simply and memorably.
  • Our brand imagery needs to illustrate an idea that is ubiquitous in our market. But it must do this in a completely fresh and original way.
  • Our sample packs are awkward and very standard. We need them to reflect the quality and design potential of our product.
  • People are overwhelmed at trade shows. We need to be refreshingly different.
  • We need to sell our winter range in the summer and vice versa. How do we shift people’s mindset into the next season?
  • How do we make our presence at an awards event memorable while ensuring the limelight stays on the winners?
  • How can packaging make a serious difference to our retail performance?
  • How do we explore and celebrate what people do with our product?
  • Our product is completely unique. We need people to sense that instantly.
  • How do we communicate the key point about our broadcast technology in a printed form?
  • How do we take our showroom online and keep a sense of exploration and excitement?
  • How do we show people online what it’s like to use our product in the real world?
  • We need to completely rebrand and redesign a major event. We need to provide a more enticing and cohesive experience. And we need to work very quickly.
  • Most ‘green’ brands are opportunistic. How do we build ours to have more substance and longevity?
  • How do we make a an exhibition stand that attracts buyers without detracting from our ecological values?

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