Liquid Capital Group: branding

Liquid Capital is a source of pure liquidity for clients in all market conditions. Its derivatives market-making and brokerage businesses are run independently to ensure they are unencumbered by the conflicts of interest that compromise many competitors.

Liquid commissioned Jog to undertake a complete review of its branding.

To distinguish Liquid Capital meaningfully, Jog built a brand around the image and idea of a bird of paradise flower. This is a perfect metaphor since bird of paradise plants have very deep root systems. Explorers have used them as a reliable source of water both in rainforests, where water is abundant but may be contaminated, and in deserts where water is scarce and a bird of paradise plant signals a deep and hidden source.

The final logo represents not only the bird of paradise plant but also the letter “L” for Liquid.

Different versions of the symbol were created for different divisions of the Liquid Capital Group.