Thought projection

Just about every organisation has to earn attention and respect constantly, yet few of us want to be ‘marketed at’. At Jog we see branding as the task of building and nurturing connections.

Used thoughtfully and strategically, design makes everyday connections and communication engaging. It builds these connections into a distinctive, coherent and lasting reputation.

At Jog, design is not about sitting behind a screen creating the next great masterpiece. It is about working with, observing and learning about our clients and the people they are trying to connect with. It is about finding insights that make new, better and deeper connections possible. It’s about discovering, testing, developing and improving new ideas. Not for the sake of it. but because it by doing that that we help clients discover and create value.

Key staff

  • Since its inception more than a decade ago, Jog has held to the belief that the best way to deliver excellence for clients is to structure itself more like a film production company than a traditional agency. It has built strong core creative, strategic and organisational skills but remains nimble when it comes to delivery. This approach enables Jog to handle sizeable clients and projects in a wide variety of areas while keeping tight creative control and ensuring the best and most appropriate talent works on each and every project.

  • Robert Smith

    creative director

  • Andrew Hatcher


  • Hetti Cheung


  • Ana Centeno



  • At Jog we work on a diverse range of projects. In key areas we have partnership agreements with specialist companies to extend our offering further, while ensuring seamless integration with our broader work for each client.

  • Nucco Brain

    animation partner

    Nucco Brain is a collective of illustrators and animators. Jog works in close creative partnership with Nucco Brain to deliver animated video projects that tell our clients stories succinctly, convincingly and memorably. Through this partnership we are able to offer the very highest level of animation excellence in a way that's fully aligned with our brand thinking for each client.

  • Advance Media

    media partner

    Through our partnership with Advance we can create truly global campaigns for clients and get the most from global media. Advance covers print, online, mobile, TV, radio and social media. In addition to its extensive experience of conventional media representation, planning and buying, it has particular expertise in real time bidding (RTB). It is an acknowledged expert in the efficient and cost effective use of RTB to discover and influence online audiences.


  • At Jog we rarely enter awards but we’ve been lucky enough to have a few successes.

  • European Design Award (Gold) 2012
    Provenance packaging

  • Fresh Awards 2012 (Finalist)
    Provenance packaging

  • red dot design award 2012
    Provenance packaging