New York Stock Exchange: TradeTech stand

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) asked Jog to create a stand for the TradeTech exhibition in London. It wanted to break the mould of hard-selling stands. Jog created a space that would enable it to focus on clients’ needs rather than using its own agenda as a starting point.

Jog conceived the entire stand as a bar in which delegates could relax and escape the frenetic exhibition environment. Molecular mixologist bartenders created unique cocktails, with each drink named to reflect a product or service that NYSE was offering.

The molecular mixologist bar tenders performed regular displays of their craft and the bar was oriented to one careener of the stand both the attract attention of passing delegates and to make best use of space beyond the confines of the stand itself.

Jog’s stand enabled NYSE to start its conversations in a much more natural way while providing opportunities to steer the conversation to its various product offerings as appropriate.