Eurovision: exhibitions

In its branding work for Eurovision, Jog focused heavily on strengthening its position as the most reliable, authoritative and credible broadcast network in the world. As part of this, Jog designed and built a series of exhibition stands aimed at raising the profile of the brand while acting as a place for serious discussion. A key objective was to refresh the approach for each event but to do this in a way that strengthened rather than diluted the brand.

By restricting the colour on the stand to acrylic panels Jog differentiated Eurovision from the competition, which almost exclusively relied on large colour images. By creating a single long counter for short laptop-based presentations, Jog was able to give a generous area to the seated negotiation booth. The prominence of this area, and the high quality furniture chosen, mades it clear that Eurovision meant business at the events and was not there for profile alone. Jog adapted this approach for a series of exhibition stands across four continents.