Handrail Design: sample pack

Handrail Design needed a simpler and tidier way to distribute and present the colour samples for its icon handrail system. Jog suggested it replace industry-standard flat credit-card sized panels with tubular sections. Tubes are ubiquitous in handrail systems. Because of this they give a truer representation of visible colour since, unlike flat panels, tubes always have a highlight and a shadow.

Jog’s design for the case came from repurposing standard architectural twinwall polycarbonate. By adding a simple elastic band this becomes a perfect package for the rods. Twinwall polycarbonate is an ideal material for the purpose as it is completely colour neutral.

The rods were directly printed three times around their circumference to ensure that the sample information could be read however they twisted in the pack. This was a technically demanding printing task – marking surfaces that are designed to resist marking – which required that Jog undertake challenging print sourcing and testing.