Adidas 1 launch: brochure

Adidas 1 was the first shoe to use inbuilt technology to constantly adapt to the runner and to running conditions. The shoe senses the level of compression in the heel during a run and adapts the strength of heel cushioning. adidas commissioned Jog to design a series of materials for the press launch of the shoe, including an innovative brochure that communicates the shoe’s story in an appropriate and refreshing way.

The brochure needed to show the shoe working on several levels since much of the mechanism is not visible on the surface. It also needed to show how it responds in a variety of running conditions. This is a complex requirement for a brochure that must also push the brand strongly to ensure people associate these innovations with Adidas.

By using an unusual combination of folds and cuts Jog created a format that could be browsed vertically as well as horizontally. This enabled people to see each part of the story on three levels, showing how the shoe can sense, understand and adapt throughout a run.