Ricoh: higher education campaign

A new generation of digital-native students is arriving at colleges and universities with the assumption that they will be able to use their own mobile devices to work, share, print, and collaborate easily. Ricoh has the technology and support services to enable higher education institutions to offer mobile working seamlessly, reliably and securely; all without placing demands on internal time and resources.

Ricoh approached Jog to conceive an email and microsite campaign to demonstrate how it can help colleges and universities to mobilise their campuses, creating the attractive and effective environments that students (and their parents) desire.

In looking at the higher eduction sector, Jog was struck by two apparently opposing impulses: the desire to show tradition, exemplified by a strong appetite for heraldry over more contemporary visual identities; and the desire to demonstrate a culture of innovation. Typically, these two instincts are synthesised through a focus on proven examples of innovation that have emerged from an institution.

This conservative approach to celebrating innovation inspired us to look at mobile working in a different light. We realised that it’s nothing new. Think of Newton under his apple tree. Archimedes in his bath. Beethoven on his daily walks – always with musical manuscript paper in his pocket for when inspiration struck. Transformative ideas often arrive when and where they’re least expected.

If anything, it was the advent of the computer that tied people to their desks more than ever before. And now computers are mobilising, we can rediscover the power of mobile working. The power of being able to act on inspiration the moment it strikes. This led us to the core campaign truth: great minds think mobile.